Common Errors on Windows Vista

Click here to scan and fix Error Code 0x80070005

On January 30, 2007, Windows Vista was released by Microsoft. It is the successor of Windows XP, which was released five years earlier. Like any operating system, Vista has its share of issues, errors and problems, following are a few of the common ones. First and foremost, Service Pack 2 should be installed and running with automatic updates turned on. Keep in mind that Service Pack 1 must be installed first before Service Pack 2 can be successfully installed. Windows Vista runs noticeably better after the Service Packs are installed.

  • Step 1: Download and Run/Save the Error Repair Tool
  • Step 2: Next, click the SCAN button.
  • Step 3: Click the REPAIR button to fix your errors.

Registry issues and problems are one of the main causes of most Vista errors and system crashes. This is due to the fact that the registry is a database made up of files related to system functions as well as hardware and software configurations. The registry is accessed several times, such as when programs are installed or uninstalled, system configurations are changed, new files are created, or the web is browsed. In the course of this, oftentimes unwanted information makes its way into the registry such as outdated, invalid or incorrect entries which can corrupt, fragment, or damage files. A damaged registry tends to cause errors in programs and within the Vista operating system and can cause crashes and freezing. Vista has a registry cleaner tool that can scan for and repair any errors present in the registry.

Recently, Microsoft released a program for XP and Vista users named “Fix It” that can be used to fix computer errors. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

The error message, “Site advisor has stopped working,” is a common Vista problem resulting from inadequate virus protection on the system. Repairing or reinstalling the current anti-virus program, establishing better firewall protection, or installing a better program may alleviate this issue.

Hardware device problems are also common with Windows Vista and assuming it is a compatible device and any accompanying software has been installed, device drivers are usually the problem. Outdated drivers cause device errors but this can be easily fixed by running an update check and viewing available updates for possible updated drivers for the device.